Interisland Loads

Truck loading for south island 1st August 2019, Furniture space of 20m3, 10m3, 

Truck returning north island 20th August 2019, Furniture space available

Dates approxiamate,

Flatdeck trailer up to 6 tonne load, with ramps, vehicles machinery etc

space available each way with August load

10m3 to 50m3 Furniture space . ex Auckland / Waikato to south island.

10m3 to 50m3 Furniture space, ex south island to Waikato / Auckland

Tractor Transporter available, up to ten (10) tonne load, 8 metre deck, ramps, (Truck)

Flatdeck space, car, tractor up to six (6) tonne load, 6 metre deck, ramps, (Trailer)